↓ Below is a listing and quick summary of projects we offer ↓

M365 Migration

Are you looking to move to a more holistic approach utilizing Microsoft's M365 platform?

While setting up a new M365 tenant can seem simple and parts of it is, that is not always the most practical approach. If your business is currently operating inside GSuite, AWS, GoDaddy, or something else, more than likely you have files and email data that will need to be moved to the new structure.

That's where we come in. Having done multiple migrations, we will set up your Sharepoint, configure your Teams, set your standard security parameters, migrate the data, and more. We can also take more advanced measures like MFA setup, Dynamics engineering, workflow set ups using Flow, etc.

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Infrastructure Build /  Redesign

Whether you need to build your network in a new building or need to redesign your current infrastructure to a more modern solution... SPARK is your place.

We meet with you to discuss your needs, assess your processes, and apply the firewalls, switches, AP's, wiring, and any other tech to put together the best solution for your budget. We put together designs for the structure and deliver our proposed solution through documentation that you can keep for the future.

SPARK will also work with your contractors, our partners, and other vendors to provide the intended Infrastructure. Many clients also include Cameras, Access Entry systems, speakers, TV's, phone systems, power supplies, internet, and more.

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Network Discovery & Vulnerability Scan

Have you ever been to the doctor for a routine check up? Or taken your car in for a smog check? Or how about get your HVAC system maintained?

Well your businesses network is just as much a machine that needs maintenance as well. Heck it's as much a living thing as our bodies. In order to run our businesses successfully in the 21st centruy, most rely on their network to be running optimally.

Through our Network Discovery, we amass just about every peice of data imaginable and compile some select reports that give you an idea about the health of the business network. Complete with action plans and risk scores.

If you want to up it up a notch, we can also run a security vulnerability scan. Coupled with the Network Discovery, we can find every nook and cranny that a possible problem may arise.

We can do the Network Discovery and Vulnerability Scan as a 1 time project, or set it as a recurring monthly occurrences to truly do some high level benchmarking.

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